Milan's paper is published in eLIFE!

Congratulations to Milan, his work on a sleep state in Drosophila larvae is the first publication from the lab! Turns out "sleep state" can be confused with "deep state" on twitter. But hey all press is good right?



Welcome Christine!

Somebody pinch me. Our brilliant friend and colleague Christine Dubowy has received a Penn-PORT Postdoctoral Fellowship, and will be staying in Philadelphia to join us in the Kayser Lab!! Christine will be pursuing work on $#*&%^@)$!@#$# because it is likely to totally transform human health by virtue of $*@&&))_%(@(@#. Pretty cool!

Kayser lab moves!

After 2 great years at TRL, the Kayser lab is moving across Penn campus to the heart of the medical school. We are pumped about the new space and our new neighbor (collaborator David Raizen and crew). Many thanks to the incredibly hard work of the lab - almost completely unpacked the same day and experiments running 1 day later! I think the 11am shake shack and beer made all the difference.





Penn sleep retreat

Great job all around to the Kayser Lab at the 2017 Penn Sleep and Chronobiology Retreat -- Leela received the best poster presentation award, while Samy and Milan gave fantastic talks. Drinks on Leela! 

Accolades for Austin

Congrats to undergrad Austin Borja on being named the 2017 Outstanding Solon E. Summerfield Scholar from the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation. More importantly, congrats on being cover boy for the Penn website for a day. We have our priorities in order.

February happenings

We are pretty sure that 40 years ago, Matt's parents and Leela's parents were hanging out and decided their future children (to be named Matt and Leela) should lead parallel lives separated by exactly 12 years. Fast forward to February 16, 2017, and here they are sharing a birthday. A few months from now, Leela will be wed on Matt's 12th Anniversary. And you should have been at Matt's Bar Mitzvah in 1991 (Top Billboard song: Gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now)) and of course, Leela's Bat Mitzvah in 2003 (Top Billboard song: All I have, By J Lo). Really, the cake says it all. 

Happy new year!

2017 is starting off swell: Welcome Maria (neuroscience graduate student rotation) and Savannah (work study student)! Ben does have a horrific tooth infection, but we won't let that get us down.